Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Our last boat Trip out.

Venue : Sunderland.

Boat : Blue Note

Weather : Sunny

Bait used : Mackerel and Shads

Dougy me and Julie left sunderland this about 7am it wasnt going to be a
long trip just a few hours out so wasnt expecting much we had a few macky which our lass was happy to catch

 Me and dougy tried for a few cod which we manged we got 5 between us
i got 3 and dougy got 2 and the biggest.

 A pic of the 2 biggest.
we were back in for about 10.30am it was a toppa morning for it as well
plus i was only sick once thats good for me so all in all a canny few hours
out and a few nice fish to go with it my biggest was took on a shad first
drop bang i thought i was stuck at first thought to my self that was a
waste of money but it wasnt

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