Thursday, 22 September 2011

Seems to be loads of fish about.

Well reading reports from around the northeast there seems to be a load
of whiting about and codling after dark also a nice cod of 10 lb plus
and 5 lb where caught from the roker area last week so hopefully that
is a good sign for the winter season.

South shields pier and the river tyne are fishing well more so the tyne
there is whiting coaly and codling coming out of the tyne and the pier
is throwing up codling as well as coaly and dabs the odd plaice is still
getting caught as well.

Seaham pier is the same whiting and the odd doggie is also getting caught
the beaches are fishing well after dark.

I have sorted all me gear out well all most got me gear ready just got line to put on me
reels and a few more rigs to make and thats me by the time a get out the fish
will have moved on LOL.

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