Sunday, 20 November 2011

Hall beach

Venue         Hall beach Seaham

Weather      Dry

Anglers      Me , Jackson, Dave

Bait          Lug , Rag , Crab, Mussel , Runnydown , Razor.

I got down the hall about 1.30pm was greeted by a lovely sea running it

Seaham pier and the spiles where packed but they didnt last long on the pier as the tide came in it pushed them off onto the spiles any way fist couple of cast small bites then a canny size ting.

then about 4ish our jackson joined me then dave came down i had another tingsmall one then when it came in dark i got a codling out 1lb 3oz then a few casts later i got a nice codling 3lb 7oz next cast our Jacksons got a cracking bite and the result turned out to be this codling 1lb 12oz he first of the year.

heres my 2 codling

and all 3 fish just before the chop.

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