Monday, 16 January 2012

Great sport.

Venue           Hall beach

Weather        Cold Frosty

Anglers        Me , Jackson.

Bait used     Lug,Rag,Crab,Macky,

We had a bit bait left from the session down Ryhope so off to the hall
we went the water had flattened right off so wasn't hoping for cod
so it was the scratching rigs out and big hook rigs put back. Our
Jackson had a bad start blowing up 2 reels so out with the egg beater
lol and he was back on track it was a fish a chuck for the both of us
great night and some nice whiting biggest 1lb 5oz and the rest around
the 1lb mark we kept 8 for the table it was whiting all night apart from
1 coalie fish were taking any bait ya put out our Jackson was casting
and he wasn't even putting the rod on the stand and he was getting a bite
great night to be out and a busy one at that.

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