Sunday, 31 March 2013

Walk along Ryhope beach

Had a dodge down ryhope beach with the dog today and
that bad weather we have had has done some damage to
the sea birds and fish i was walking along the tide line
towards manholes and i come a cross a few of these.
Also came a cross about 5 dead gulls 2 cormorants and 3
puffins the cliffs have took a battering as well you cans
see the different types of layers in the cliff.
A pair of gull made home up there as well
Dont know how long there home will last as i was
walking along you can hear and see bit of the cliff
falling if any one is going to fish them i would go
down low water and check ya spot and what the
cliff are like before fishing it.

few more pics looking towards Seaham and the
Looking toward hill 60 target and the docks


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