Monday, 13 May 2013

First Derwent session.

Venue           Derwent

Anglers         Me , Jackson

Weather        Sunny.

Bait              Power Bait.

Well after putting in the hours and sessions last week trying
for a plaice or 2 i thought it was time for a bit of easy fishing
so me our Jackson and Julie headed for derwent for a few trout it
was a slow day but we managed some out.

getting set up.

I was first into the fish.
Then our Jackson.

and again i knew where this was going.

then i pulled it back 2.2
our Jackson waiting for his next victim.
It went down hill for me AGAIN lol i ended up 2 one blue and
a rainbow our Jackson ended up with 4 rainbow and a blue
another great session out and a ass kicking getting used to
it now.

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