Monday, 9 March 2015


Had a few session up there this year but never managed any cod
just flounders there's some very nice gulleys that will hold fish and
in the right condition you will bag up on cod use big crab baits or
big worm baits and razor with a 5/0 hook and rotten bottom set up....

This flounder took a 5/0 hook with a big crab bait.

Me and our lass had a dodge up there the other weekend to check it
out a bit more (do more homework) its always good to check marks
out in day light to see which way the tide comes in and where the cut
off points are..

On the way back home we stopped off and had a walk along
Lynmouth beach its a beach i have only fished once but will be
having more session up there

Bog hall rocks..

Lynmouth beach.....

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