Tuesday, 10 March 2015

South Wales 2014

Day 1

Me and our Jackson left Sunderland on Wednesday morning 6.45 and 
headed for south Wales to pick Meic up and head for the camp site after
putting the tent up and grabbing a bite to eat we headed to our fish mark
the knapp nice looking beach we were hoping to pick a ray or a hound 
up but that never happened it was just doggies and a red gurnard and a 
nice fry up lol

 The knapp

we fished well into dark and still no hounds or rays so we headed back 
to camp for a few beers and bit craic.

Day 2 

The plan for the morning was to fish Aberthaw for the big hounds but the
wind played it part in spoiling it but we still give it ago it was hard work 
in the wind and we all blanked so after 5 hours of getting blown all over 
we headed back to camp for a bite to eat then headed to Porthcaw pier in
the hunt for a ray or 2 but you couldn't get passed the doggies so it was 
dogs all night.


Day 3

We planned to fish Witches all day so after a bite to eat we headed there
but that wind was still blowing but we still give it ago we were hoping to
get any thing that was swimming by lol but yet again it was hard going 
there was only one fish caught and that was our Jackson a small red gurnard.
We headed back to the camp for a few beers and reflected on our 3 days 
fishing and where we went wrong or if it was the weather that spoiled the
fish all in all a great 3 days away fishing new marks and great craic 
thanks Meic for showing us the marks we will have to try them again soon.

 Me and our Jackson
 Meic and Jackson

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