Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Anglesey July 14th to the 16th

Day 1

Arrived at the camp site round about 2ish on Tuesday
quickly got the tent sent up and after a cuppa we headed
to our first mark four mile bridge after a few bass we had
a couple of hours there with no look we had a few fallows
from bass chasing our lure but no takes..

Four mile bridge.

Holly Head breakwater......

Day 2

We headed to a mark next to a go karting track we got set up
with the big rods trying for rays and huss but all we managed
was dogs we also tried for a few wrasse and Pollack but with
nee luck only the one wrasse which fell to me 2lb 4 we fished
here most of the day.

After there we headed back to try for them bass but with no luck
yet again..

Day 3

Last day we planed on a full day on Hollyhead breakwater and we
had a lot more luck than the first night we fished there and had
wrasse dogs small Pollack and whitingif you want to keep fit walking
that breakwater will help lol but its worth the walk..

we had loads of these..

And these..

The boys enjoying a bit sun lol

And after a busy days fishing a well deserved few beers...

Well all in all a great few days away with good craic cant wait for the
next trip.

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