Sunday, 2 August 2015

Maryport 1/8/15

Me and Julie set off for Maryport  yesterday morning in the
hunt for some plaice weather wasn't the best as the wind was
blowing strong for the west south west and there was loads
weed. we got there a couple of hours before high water pick
our spot and set up.

The wind was a pain along with that weed but we still stuck it out
but with no luck there was a few lads down and they found it hard
going as well but on the plus side there was a trawler race on which
past the time away lol

At last the blank saver a small smoothound took on crab last cast
so had a few more cast to see if there was an more kicking about
but that was the only fish still its all ways nice to spend a few hour
with our lass doing what I love FISHING......

 Not the best photo mind

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