Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Marsdon 2 hour session

Finished work 6.30 tonight so had a quick tea and
headed down to marsdon got there for 7.30 quickly
got set up and wacked a crab bait out 5 minutes later
this fella was coming up the cliff 36cm cod.

So baited up and back it went out.

Wasn't long before the rod was nodding 2 minutes later
this was coming up the cliff 3lb 2oz

3rd cast a small coalie

Our lass was feeling a bit left out and wishing see
brought her rod so she bait up and had a cast of mine
she had one cast and had one cod 1lb 9oz lol...

Packed in 9.30 as I forgot me head light so all in all a
canny 2 hour session all fish took crab the smaller cod
was deep hook and I don't think it would of lived the 40
foot drop but it was size......

All fish are filleted and ready for the smoker.....

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