Sunday, 2 October 2011

Another beach session 30/9/11

Venue        Hall beach

Weather     Warn & Clear

Anglers      Me & Julie

Bait            Rag,Macky,Mussel,Crab.

Well not as good as last week infarct i thought it would be better
with the high tide been later but i was wrong we where getting
crabbed off every chuck when it came in dark i thought the whiting
would start biting wrong again lol last cast i got a bite but it never
came back loads of crab about at the minute think it is with all
this warm weather we have had cant wait till the weather changers
and the sea start lift and the crabs move into deeper water.
There was fish took of the hall but only small whiting so there were there
just not where we were.

Nice warm night to be fishing we got back in the car about 9pm and
it was 19 degrees

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