Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hendon prom 01/10/11

Venue      Hendon prom

Weather   Warm & Clear

Anglers     Me & Jackson

Bait          Rag,mussel,crab,macky.

Had a look down hendon over low water to see what it was like and
to see if there was any were that would hold fish and the first bay
looked the best so we headed down tea time got there about 4.45pm
high water wasn't till 6.50pm i know we wouldn't get any bites till
it came in dark and it happened but we couldn't connect with them
then our Jackson managed one out the first one a whiting about 3/4inch
long no the wounder we couldn't connect but we as the night went on the
fish got bigger not much lol i ended up with 4 and our Jackson ended
up with 3 another nice night to be out need to get a few cod now
heard there was a few fish caught along the other end of the prom
a few whiting and flattys but there wasn't many down.

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