Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hebburn 23/10/11

Venue         Hebburn

Weather     windy and wet

Anglers      Me , Chris , Trev

Bait used   Rag , frozen crab , mussel , macky , runnydown , squid.

My self Chris and Trev head down to Hebburn it was an early start to the day the windwast blowing strong but we had a bit shelter at hebburn. first chuck Chris landed a sizecodling we thought it was going to be a busy one we were wrong lol we fed the crabsfor a few more casts then Trev landed a codling size then we were back to feeding coupleof hours later Chris landed 3 codling and a whiting in as many casts.

I never managed to get a codling out i only managed to get a flatty small whiting and anice size coalie all codling where took on the frozen crab i think if the crabs weren't therein numbers i think we would have had more codling out a few days of hard frosts will seeto that.

A view down the tyne.

Trev's codling.

Chris's codling total bag weight was 7lb 3oz

 And the ones i got nowt great but save me a blank.

All in all a great day out with the lads and a canny bit crack to go with it look forward to
the next one thanks for looking in and reading.

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