Monday, 19 December 2011


Venue       Hall beach

Weather    Clear frosty

Anglers     Me and Jackson.

Bait          Lug, runnydown

Me and our Jackson got down about 5ish got set up nice swell coming in better than lastnight so i was hope for a cod or 2 but from the off it was whiting whiting and a few more whiting good sport and it kept us busy all good stamp as well i was.

the bites start to get a bit better looked like the cod were on the feed and they were i losta canny fish in the surf 2 cast later our Jackson rod goes he pick it up and says the sinker is moving fish on cod i told what to do and i went onto the beach to get it out the surf for him and this toppa poped out his PB.


I weighted it down there and it said 7lb on my scales and rod weighed it on his and it said 5lb oddwhen we got home i put it on the scales and it said 6lb either way he was well chuffed he was like a dog with 2 **** lol we ended up with 5 nice whiting and the cod for the table.

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