Monday, 19 December 2011

Venue         Ryhope

Weather     Cold and cloudy.

Anglers      Me and Jackson.

Bait           Lug , Runnydown , Crab. 

Me and our Jackson fancied our chances on a few more cod tonight so we headed down to ryhope via the hall to see what the water was like it look spot on but i was thinking ya never get 2 sessions the same plus Wolfy and his mate were there lol so ryhope it was first Cast out Jackson pulls in a 2 1/2lb cod

I got a whiting and the a codling just shy of 4lb and one 1 3/4lb

we had a few good bites after that but they never came back a few lads on the cliff tops had 2cod too 5lb he walk down for the lol then the weed and s*** start to come on after high so we packed up and headed home 3 canny session this weekend bet there loads of cod around sea was spot on like.

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