Saturday, 10 December 2011

Whitburn 9/12/11

Venue     Whitburn steel.

Weather    cold and dry.

Anglers     Me.

Bait          Crab , Lug , Runnydown.

Headed down to whitburn about 6ish first the hour was just weed not to much but it was a pain one of the lads from the club Kev walked along with a fish 6lb 7oz he caught along the cliff somewhere nice fish it was couple of cast later i had a bite then slack line reel into it and miss it had one more good bite after that nealy pulled the rod out the stand never come back thought i wasn't gan to get a fish out lol then a few small taps on the rod picked it up and it result was a 4lb 6oz cod.

had a few more casts but the weed started again so off i went home gutted the fish when i got home and this was in side it part of a cup crab and a nice white worm wish i gutted it down there would of put it on the hook. lol

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