Monday, 29 April 2013

Few hours out with the young'un

Venue       River Wear.

Anglers    Me , Jackson.

Weather   Windy , Sunny.

Bait          Frozen Black , Rag , Macky.

Me and our Jackson aka golden balls lol had a few
hours down the wear this afternoon fishing was crap
the first hour was a pain in the ass with weed and
leaves but when the tide stop pushing it was a
lot better any way i blanked as usual and Jackson
managed a codling out we fished up till high water.

Julie also joined us but never fished just chilled out LOL

This is a great mark for flounders you also will pick a few coalie up
as well it a comfortable spot to fish in the summer.

You are better off fishing this mark 3 hours before high water and
3 hours after any more and you will have to drag the fish over the

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