Thursday, 25 April 2013

Walkway 24/4/13

Venue              Walk Way

Anglers.           Me , Chris

Weather           Windy

Bait                  Frozen Blacks , Rag , Macky.

Picked Chris up this morning about 7.30am and headed
for the walkway to see if we could get any other species
out for the specie race any way it turned out to be a canny
session with a fish every other chuck mainly small dabs and
small codling but another one on the list think we would
of picked up a few more species up but i had to leave for

double shot codling dab we got a couple of these.

and we got a few double shots of these as well.

All fish returned to fight another day we would of  getting a
few more species out if we stopped a bit long.

There was a couple of big boat come up the tyne when we were
there this one is the Nissan car transporter boat.

and the other one is the Amsterdam ferry.

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