Monday, 15 April 2013

Tyne blank

Venue          River Tyne

Anglers        My Self

Weather      Windy

Bait.            Frozen Blacks , Macky

I was going to fish yesterday after the match but the
beer got the better of me so i never went. so dropped
our lass off at work this morning and headed down the
tyne wish i never it was crap not even a bite wish i just
went to the wear like i planned but never mind 2 blanks in
a row fishing is crap at the minute it can only get better.

The fishing is not at its best at the minute there is odd fish
getting caught a few plaice from shields and flounder from
the rivers loads of small codling coalie and whiting about.

The weather is warming up slowly but surely so we are hoping
the fishing picks up with the warm weather the crab will move
in and start to peel and the fish should follow them in.

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